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Our #PodDay Partners...

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Cyber Squid Radio

We are an up and coming science podcast. We discuss the latest science news and science related pop culture we think matters most to you. We interview experts and bring our own ignorant opinions to help you bring science to your every day conversation.  

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The Dope Science Show

Science lifestyle podcast that discusses crowdfunding , indie film, music, politics, randomness , education and everything science. We are all dope scientists!


2 Brothers Talk Games

A weekly podcast featuring 2 different nerds talking about videogames, boardgames, cardgames and games that don't even exist yet mixed up with a healthy dash and pop and nerd culture.  One of us cut his eye teeth on the Atari 2600 and D&D the other currently works for Microsoft.  Come and check out the podcast our wives describe as being the best way to get us out of their hair!



A film podcast where we take a nostalgic look and rediscover movies new and old.


Talking Fail

We are four friends who enjoy making each other laugh while learning something new.


Happily Never Equal

Randolf and Cecilla advise on relationships, family and marriage. Warning: show contains warm fuzzy feelings and cold hard truths.


Attention HellMart Shoppers!

Attention Hell Mart Shoppers! is a serialized horror comedy audio drama podcast. Join us twice a month for the adventures of the staff of HelloMart, a big box super store unfortunately built on the buried gates of hell. Our cast of retail wage-slaves will battle the forces of darkness in order to bring you the very best in minimum wage customer service!



An actual-play Star Wars RPG podcast presented in a faux-audio-drama format.


Laughing Buddha Games

We feature indie game studios and talk about their experience developing their games. Featuring Misael Armendariz from Gorilla Bean Games.


Dragons, Sexy Robots, and Adventures

Kyle and Claire love talking about nerdy things, and there’s more to talk about than ever before: movies, TV shows, books, comics and video games. Where did it all come from? Every new story has an older one behind it. Each week they’ll discuss a current work of nerd culture and dig into its roots and how it was made today.


Long Island Sounds

Long Island Sounds is a podcast that explores significant historical and cultural events and oddities that took place on Long Island, NY. Our stories focus on Long Island and the national impact of events that took place here, you don't have to be a local to enjoy them.


Rasputin Radio Destiny Podcast

Rasputin Radio podcast is a weekly show that highlights destiny community players big and small as well as brings to you all the current destiny information with an entertaining spin and shenanigans!  So spend some time hanging with us Wednesday's live on twitch 8:15pm EST or next day on iTunes, soundcloud, stitcher, or playerfm.